Automating Imgur

December 11, 2020

Hello Beautiful Humans,

I’m certain you have see Imgur before.

Every time you want to move to next Meme, you need to click Next button. Wait, there is one more option. Leveraging the power of JavaScript in the console. How can we do that?

setInterval comes to the rescue. How?

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Copy the code
  • Step 2: Open any MEME on the Imgur website
  • Step 3: Open Developer tools by clicking Inspect element
  • Step 4: Go to Console tab, paste the code and Hit enter.

We find Next button in the DOM, store it in the variable and run click method to fake the click event. You can provide your own custom timing for the setInterval function. I used 10 seconds for reference.

Hope you like this trick.

See you soon…